Meet the Creators : Jess

“Watch for all that beauty reflecting from you and sing a love song to your existence.” ~Rumi

Jess Bray a.k.a. A Muse in Harmony

Jess Bray a.k.a. A Muse in Harmony

“the call of the wild.”

Jessica’s my name. Music’s my thang!! And I’ve been singing since the day I was born. By 16, I had rose to major record label status, but I turned away from it all, because I saw a more Soulful path for myself than the country music industry had to offer. 🌿

Fast forward two years after making that decision, my twin Soul manifested and started a whirlwind of spiritual growth and self awareness. 🌿

Years later, with the conscious conception of our two boys, my voice was resurrected and given new life…streaming my Soul through my voice in a meaningful way, and the passion to ignite others to do the same. Our voice is a powerful tool for healing and manifestation after all! 🌿

Now, pregnant (surprise!) with our third and final babe, I’m also helping birth this incredible project, #ModernMusesOracle, that came to me in a vision while chatting with a Soul Sister. 🌿

So here we are, with a whopping 50 magical women in the project!! And as the project coordinator and musical muse, I am so elated to dive into creating intuitive musical medicine for each of the elements in this unique deck collection…the first that I know of, to include song. 🌿

They say ‘well behaved’ women rarely make history, and I have to agree. This unprecedented deck is coming to life through the call of the wild! 🌿

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