Introducing Modern Muses Oracle MMO

Modern Muses is a collective of Souls diving deep into the divine within. 

Photo by our Muse,  Zoe Eccles

Photo by our Muse, Zoe Eccles

“We are the Muses of today!”

Modern Muses!

This project is about YOU!  It’s about US and our incredible community! 

What we want to accomplish here is encompassing each Muse’s unique magic in an oracle card, in song (with a track inspired by each element, and in story (through the guidebook).   A sacred trinity of sweet medicine medium for life’s journey and something we can all treasure for years to come.  

Inspired by each of the beautiful Sisters in our community, and our love for art nudes, our natural, bare state, is the theme of the deck. Every archetype exists within us, so rather than make you fit into some preconditioned mold, we want each card to represent who you are and what you’re here on Earth to share.

WE are the Muses of today! 

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