Meet the Creators : Hannah

“Our greatest glory in life is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” – Confucius

Hannah Eckert

Hannah Eckert

“Pure, raw, Divine empowerment – embodied by such incredible wombyn in their purest forms.”

Greetings, sweet souls!
I am so grateful to stand here with these other incredible muses, channeling words of healing through my heart, held in the womb of each specific muse’s energies.. Ah!
My heart leaps with joy!
But who AM I? 💞

I am a Daughter and a Mother.
I’m a Sister and a Lover.
My given name is Hannah Grace,
and it’s sure nice to meet ya! 😄👋 I reside in a small lake town north of Seattle, Washington – but Home is with my husband by my side and our children not far behind. ❤
Since I was young I have been expressing my heart and mind through written word and song, beginning with abandoned novels to poems of teenage angst and pounding out dramatic beats on my piano’s keys. 🎹

I create healing intentional jewelry and am Daydreamer by trade. I am a queen of polarities! I love to explore, but I am a homebody through and through. 🙌
I love to sing, dance and play music. I am wildly expressive and boisterous in nature. Easily amused and wildly optimistic, I truly believe expression is a key to happiness! ✨
Oh and my favorite color is rainbow. 😄

At 17, I connected with my twin flame and life exploded into a flurry of divine intervention! We welcomed the manifestation of our love into our lives nearly 2 years later, our darling son, and then our daughter 4 years after that!
Parenthood became my life and somewhere along the way I lost myself, to find it and lose it once again. But over the past few years, I have gone through an even bigger phase of reclamation, stepping into my truest SELF and highest good.

I’m shedding the shame and guilt I carried for so very long. It is remarkable, to develop a loving relationship with your SELF and to LET SHIT GO! 💞

THAT is what fuels my passion for this project into a roaring blaze. 🔥🔥🔥 Pure, raw, Divine empowerment – embodied by such incredible wombyn in their purest forms. 🙏🙌
Wow. Bliss!
I am so inspired by you all who follow your empowerment!
Whatever that means to you!! I am he and you are she as you are me and we are all together🌀

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