MMO Creator Update

Greetings friends and followers of the Modern Muses Oracle project!

We’re excited to be BACK!

And due for an update on where we’ve been!

This project launched with a fury, and we felt the magnitude of it’s impact immediately. Individually we took our incubation time, diving into our hearts and realities off of social medias, clearing the space necessary for this Soul-work to mule and ferment before taking up room again!

We are so grateful to have found this community through Instagram, and during our time away, this project began calling for a more intimate place to set roots. A place where our beautiful minds, bodies and spirits can connect, free from censorship. 

We’re stoked to announce our new Modern Muses Community website + blog, and we look forward to sharing more details as we roll it out in the coming months. 

Staying true to our IG beginnings, we will continue to share limited, censored content updates to our community page as well, so stay tuned!

What have we each been up to? Individual Creator updates coming right up! Keep scrolling… 😉

Highest Love,


Jess a.k.a. A Muse in Harmony

While we were away, I was an ever shifting Mama bear on the move!

Creating, birthing and nursing our new baby, moving homes, discovering new depths of myself throughout Colorado, and making music along the way. It has been a whirlwind of acceptance, surrender, abundance and love as each and every puzzle piece falls into place for our family. We are so incredibly HAPPY and FREE, on top of the world here at eight thousand feet.

     Little River Turtle, Aaron Cobi Bray, was born on February 22nd, in the comfort of our cabin, while a wild blizzard flew through our river swept canyon. That little soul knew he needed to be here, and what a delightful completion of our family he is! A pure being of light and love, easing all of our hearts and bringing my own Mama heart the deepest love and peace it’s ever known. What a BLESSING! 

      Preparing my space for the next step in this journey also led to acquiring my own in-house pro studio! Sharing my music with the world from my humble abode deep in the western mountains is a dream, and I’m living it! Get ready world…you’re gonna hear me roar! 

Hannah a.k.a. Haven Grace

While we were away, I was eyeball deep in a season of firsts with my family!

     Beginning homeschool in the fall and then moving to a whole new area in the spring.. It has been a WILD ride to say the least! 

     So many incredible moves from Spirit, winding us into this space of resonance again and again. Following the callings of our hearts and souls and reminding us what we are HERE for… Life has been abundant and bliss filled! We are so thrilled and overwhelmed with gratitude on the daily. Laying down actual roots feels AMAZING!

     Having my son back home from public certainly came with a bit of juggling practice, but it has been WONDERFUL being all together, learning together, growing together and fulfilling the desires I’ve felt as a mother to homeschool since day one! Watching both of our children flourish and grow into their most authentic selves brings me such joy. 

    Through it all I have remained busy with my heArt work of making malas and other hand-knotted necklaces for The Sacred Haven. July is my 2nd Anniversary since answering the call to offer myself in that way and it has filled my life with such Resonance! I am so grateful for the abundance of requests that flow through that beautiful space and the INCREDIBLE souls I’ve connected with because of it all. Creation is an extension of my soul.. forever reaching and winding and finding resonance in every step. ❤ 

2 thoughts on “MMO Creator Update

  1. Ugh, I LOVE you all and so beyond grateful to see your beautiful souls glowing with brilliant light. So excited to see what’s in store ✨✨🙏✨✨

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