In the Studio with Jess

For the last two and a half weeks, our two oldest boys have been visiting my Mom. (cue applause and deep restorative breaths) With all the solo time (Well, babies don’t count…Mamas of multiples, you know what I mean.), I’ve been in marital bliss mode ‘shacking up’ with my hubs. And with all this time, of course I’m hopping in the studio whenever the mood strikes, honing in on my producing skills.

As an Aries, fire comes naturally to me, so yesterday, ripe with sensual energy, I layed yet another track for the Modern Muses Oracle elements album, and I must say, it’s quite saucy, and I’m in looooove!

Armed with my frame drum, a couple of Remo Thunder Tubes (Look it up! Kids love em!), my voice and a 711 lighter (Yes, you heard that right. Lol!), I had a fu*king blast creating it! It’s mixed, mastered and ready to rock! My most complex recording to date.

You’ll have to wait until the deck launches to listen, but since it drives me wild not being able to share, I made a little behind the scenes video for ya’ll above, in full blown mix/master mode for ‘Fire’.

As always, be YOU, stay true and enjoy the view!

Highest Love,

Jess Bray

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