Meet the Muses : Amairani

Amairani @the_tangled_flower

“I Am an Amalgamation of all this life’s experiences and amidst it all, Strive to live in the beautiful Balance between Chaos and Order.”
-Self Quote

I have deep insight and use my sense of duality to help others find a centered sense of self when amidst a trying time. I am passionate about uplifting all beings as individuals, speaking truth, and embracing chaos.

There are many facets to my being, as many modern muses, but the core value that resonates intensely is finding balance.


Creating personal boundaries and walking the line gracefully between chaos and order.

Chaos, to me, represents the divine Feminine. A WILD force of creation. Vitality of nature, full of emotion and expression.
Order, to me, represents the divine Masculine. An organized energy, analytical, practical and precise. Measuring for the good of all. Structured.

Encompassing both is key.


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