Meet the Muses : Megan

Megan @violet_starshine_art

“Anytime I have a bad day, I remember that I can paint tomorrow with my vibration!” ~Self Quote

I am on this earth to spread the message of LOVE. I have always loved others first before judging them. With empathetic sensitivity, I FEEL their worries. I feel the reservations left in their hearts from past conflicts. I feel all the LOVE there is to share with the world.

With my words, I lift you up to a place of upbeat positivity. My art shows you the light in the world around and within your heart. My style inspires others to embrace themselves artistically and spiritually as I weave the two in harmony.

My self talk has always posed a challenge for my otherwise seamless positive thinking. These thoughts would trick my whole mindset and reset my progress I had made. I now understand that gratitude is the answer to raising my vibration when it sinks so low.


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