Meet the Muses : Zoe

Zoe @life.gazing
(Photo by Jess Bray)

“There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.”

~Thich Nhat Hanh

I am stardust, a seed that spiraled into being-ness, into this body. There is magic and a dash of the great unknown within me, woven throughout the path I must walk. I am wholly of this Earth. I came here for a purpose, and I must remember this.

Each moment is unfolding in the now, and I am present for it. I belong. Every step I take towards my own bliss is healing the world. Each step I take, each action can bless the world. My way of being ripples outwards. We are not separate. You and I, and every other thing. We are remembering ourselves, coming back to these truths. We are remembering the gift of our beings.

A meditation on Being:

Take a moment, dear one

Stop, here.

Breath in…

…then out.

And begin to listen for your own heartbeat.

Breathing in, I listen, feeling the life within me…

Breathing out, I listen to the life that goes on outside me…

Listen for the little sounds around you

What can you hear? What can you feel?

This moment is beautiful, just as it is.

~ Zoe