In the Studio with Haven

Much of my work has been done in the dark.. In the quiet.. Away from “reality”, where I can work and play uninterrupted, listening, hearing, feeling and seeing all that comes.
BEING with energy.
As a mother, caregiver and homeschooler of two, this space has not come lightly!
I must give credit and gratitude for my partner, who co-creates this space with me for us all to BE so freely.
He is a true gem, a Divine Masculine being. Without his support I could not have curated my Sacred Haven.

Together, we rise.

Here I stand, ready to move into the light!

Spirit moves through me, and I am open to listening.
I am willing to take action and create movement!
I am one with the talking tree.

What a Journey.
And now, here I am! Here we are! What a Divine plan.

I was called into this space as a sacred creatrix and alchemist of words, to transform the channeled wisdom of each of you Divine wombyn into all that IS the Modern Muses Oracle…
What a collaboration of heArt!
Every line, sentence, entry from each one of you is DIVINE.
Filled with SO MUCH POWER it is overwhelming most times!
And yet, I crave living on the edge…
I love it.
What a view.
I am so grateful to stew with each and every one of you.
Your medicine is so potent and clear.
Taking our souls to flight while we shed every ounce of insecurity and fear.
We allow our VULNERABILITY to win.
No longer shall we be burned at the stake or told our pure essence is a sin!
We allow our souls to ring true with the resonance of gratitude for ALL THINGS.
For the simple gift that is to LIVE!
The divine mystery of this existence, we all honor this.
Collectively. That is our power. As daughters, mothers and elder.
We are great See-ers and Do-ers!
This is the thread that binds us together.
Honoring this life.
All Sacred Beings.
Our sacred form, all that it is.
All that we are is magical.
We ARE the Modern Muses Oracle.

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