Meet The Muses : Amethyst

Amethyst @thehealedmother

“Her words were filled with jewels, and as she spoke, I became whole again, all the pieces made sense within me, and I was able to breathe and rest in the melody.”
~Self Quote

I am a writer. I came to earth to share authentic healing, authentic connection to who we are, in essence, in our truth.
I built most of my life in the delicious dark.
You don’t learn in the light.

The light only affirms. Your truth is found in your shadow. It is friction that polishes the stone. I invite shadow to the surface to face, to play, to cry, to rebirth and emerge.

Because of my trials, my perspective, in being a healed healer, I can take all judgements out of my work, all distortions and fears, to be a clear channel.

I love the idea of death and rebirth, for I have done it all my life. It is my comfort zone, and I show people how to find themselves through what we have all been told we must suffer through.

Lets go play in the dark to find your voice, too.


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