Love Your Ego Practice with Jessica Mazzo

Jessica @jess_the_empress

Our brain has been working these last few hours, days, and weeks to support us. The mind is such an incredible processing system and it is constantly computing, ensuring our safety and survival. In this life, everything comes from the mind – the awareness of our divine self, the earthly self, others, and existence of everything. Within each mind is an ego that desires loving recognition, regardless of its current state. The mind is working to the best of its ability, and that is something to be grateful for. Plus, showing gratitude to our mind only allows it to expand and harmonize the body with that chosen frequency vibration.

The mind can become inundated with the external responsibilities of others, schedules, deadlines, and day-to-day tasks. The simple practice of appreciation breaks up contracted energy in our mental plane and renews/energizes our truest senses. We honor our mind when we are observing it, its function and role in our lives. This act of direct love fosters an intimate space between the earthly self, with the ego mind, and the higher self. The higher self has no desire to kill/shun/ignore/punish the ego. It does desire to witness and support it to connecting to this physical reality from a place of love and light.

One simple way to shift into this frequency vibration is to take a few deep breaths and notice what’s occupying your mental space, right now. Thank it all for being there and let it all go. Truly, whatever is dropped can be picked back up, if you so choose. Continue to breathe naturally while expressing gratitude for your mind. Notice the muscles in your mind relaxing and tension melting through the receiving of your own direct, loving attention. Sense into the subtle sensations that rise and fall within your body and allow your personal space to expand and open through this gratitude practice. There is no work to be done in this space, nothing to think about, simply express gratitude.

Each and every moment in this space is an opportunity to witness both light and shadow and to welcome all shadow aspects toward our light ~ transmuting density into weightless existence. Our shadow is just as beautiful as our light and it’s such a sacred opportunity to honor the full spectrum of “self”. To transmute anything we must tune into the stories and projections, the meaning making and the delusions we carry so that clarity can be claimed and rightfully embodied.

This practice is most potent first thing in the morning but is useful at any point in time you choose to use it! My intention with this piece is to bring you closer to yourself and to enjoying your mind/body/soul connection.


~ Jessica Mazzo

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