Musing on Sisterhood with Tara

Tara @greentararising

Hello Muses!

So grateful to have been invited to share my words with this glowing community. When deck submissions were open I had a lot of self doubt surrounding, so I never even attempted to get a photo for it. Then seeing all of you step into your power opened my heart in a big way! It inspired me to set up a tripod during one of my many solo skinny dipping adventures. The feeling of empowerment that this community bestows upon so many women, myself included, is indescribable. Thank you for sharing your magic sisters!

It’s 2020 and if you didn’t already know: we’re dropping the bitter, the jealous, the scared we can’t all succeed vibes. It’s all about this energy of women supporting women. Lifting each other up. Rooting for each other. Cheering as each of our sisters stands up and claims her crown. Shouting YASSSS QUEEN YOU’RE A BOSS ASS BITCH every time we see another woman express her creative genius, her loving mothering, her ambitious career goals, stepping out of her comfort zone.

Whatever the fuck you wanna do sis, I’m gonna be clapping and screaming. Seeing you shine makes me shine. The world is never gonna run out of room for more success. And I know for one I wouldn’t be shit without the beautiful women who held me up when I couldn’t do it myself, and who see me for all that I dream of becoming.


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