Grant Me a Muse : Katie Bee

Katie @theascendingbloom

Grant me a muse, she said. One who makes me feel whole again. One who understands just who I am.

Oh Grant me a muse who can sing my song. Sing the language of my soul. So whenever one would hear, they would simply just know. They would hear what I see. Be touched by what I feel.

Grant me a muse who isn’t afraid. One who understands there’s no reason to fight in order to shine, to stay…oh, grant me a Muse who walks softly, gently. A siren of the stars. No need to Question her heart. No impulse to battle with her mind or the mirror she may find.

Yes, grant me a muse who’s fingers finds herself without shame. Touching her Divinity, unafraid to play. She who accepts the devil inside her and loves herself all the same.

Grant me a muse, yes, grant me a muse who knows and who sees. Who is unconditionally free. Who chooses unconditionally to Be. Yes, grant me a Muse who created wholeness inside her Sovereignty. A Being so pure, nothing can hollow her dreams. Grant me a muse, who’s liberty is unquestionable. Wild. And free.

Grant me the Muse who’s crawling out of me, breaking free. Come now, Muse. Fly free into your eternal springs. Come now Muse. Set yourself free. Come, now. Grant me the liberty. To join in all our sweet Sovereignty. Grant me the honor, she Said. To see these muses in all their Light. What a world it is, she said. We when no longer choose to hide.

Grant us our Muse, she said to Time. Let’s shatter the paradigms. Let us bleed. Let us sing. Let us dance. Let us be. Let us be. Come now, Muses. Set yourself free.

~ Katie Bee

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