Meet the Creators : Chelsey

Chelsey @thegoldenglow

When we began this project, we had no idea we would get the incredible amount of submissions that would come flooding in to participate in this trailblazing oracle deck. We were so inspired by you all, we simply had to make room!

With such a sizable project, we did what we must…grow! We are so excited to announce our newest team member!

Modern Muses Community… Let’s join together in welcoming Chelsey to our creative team!

Chelsey aka @thegoldenglow is an artist and entrepreneur who is passionate about assisting and inspiring others to discover and share their gifts. Her vision is to see everyone living in their authentic expression, developing their talents, and sharing their unique offerings.

She has grown her own business, Wired And Stoned, through the use of YouTube. Her business model is to teach what she sells, so that others may acquire new skills to express themselves and to help others do the same.

Chelsey’s joy through life has been art creation. She believes that inside each of us is an artist waiting to be expressed. Not only does art beautify the world, it is also the only way we are able to see what lies in the inner world of a person. Art is the souls’ expression; Achieved through dedication and courage to embark on the journey of creativity.

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