Meet The Muses : Shayne

Shayne @sacredartistry

“I am You. You are Me. We are One.”
~Self Quote

Life works in the most wondrous ways. I am continuously astounded as strong manifestations of good come my way. My divine truth through this particular life speaks through my intuition and hearts manifestations… To share. Speak. Listen. Connect. Dive in, with all beings dancing in their path of purest love!

From the super-conscious, the realm of intuition, what you should know will be revealed to you. Become very quiet and make affirmations. You have no need for fear for resentment, resistance, fear, worry, all forms of fighting, etc. The situations you resent will be wiped out. Stand still. Keep your poise and the power within will fight your battles. Anger and resentment blur your vision and often affect your sight, as well as prevent you from following your intuitive leads.

The game of life is a game of boomerangs. Whatever you send out comes back. You cannot hurt anyone without hurting yourself. All of us are linked by a mysterious magnetic force. What you see with your inner eye you meet sooner or later on the external. So see clearly your goodness, your ultimate health, your success, your happiness; and they will come to pass. Faith brings forever fruit.

The light of lights streams through my mind, body, and affairs, revealing all in Divine order. I see clearly the open road of fulfillment.


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