Meet the Muses: Erika

Erika @urrrrrrrrka

“I wonder if the flowers knew they’d be so pretty when they died.”

– Self Quote

Impermanence and rebirth – I bring honest truth to the world by sharing my experiences and growth after and through trauma, guiding others to settle into their own transformations. I have adaptability, since my world has fallen apart many times, I have shown others what death and rebirth looks like time and time again.

Bringing light back after every dark situation, so familiar to ebb and flow, in the lows there is growth and power to be gained. I use my voice and pen to inspire others to keep going through the wisdom of my experiences.

I am a survivor. I have “died” a thousand times only to be reborn into a stronger, more attuned, more caring, more understanding, more giving and more balanced being.

Let it all go.


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