Meet the Muses: Juliana

Juliana @j.birdofparadise

“Elevate with every change.” -Self Quote

I am a strong, loving woman. I know my worth, and I ask for what I want. I can transform, grow and adapt as my life presents itself and give myself and others the gift of understanding and holding space for growth. (Motherhood gave me that.)

I relate to all the species in harmony and peace, and that’s where I thrive, in the justice of the universe. I want to show other women that confidence, sensuality, laughter and love all comes from the same place and it doesn’t separate us from God or make us immoral. I have always been different from what society standards wanted me to be, and I know that’s inspired my family and friends to live a more authentic life.

I have overcome poverty, sadness, loneliness and abuse. But I never forget who I am, and I am aware of my worth. Always expanding my soul and my being so I could be what I am today.


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