Meet the Muses: Jessica

Jessica @jess_the_empress

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” – Carl Jung

My gifts to the world are holding space without judgment and relaying information from the higher realms so that each of us can better navigate the human experience.

I came here to share joy, empowerment and the Divine Feminine wisdom of allowing and surrender. I also came here for soul connections to inspire others to move in their own light and walk upright with their hearts open.

Stepping boldly into yourself is the warrior spirit, a spirit we all carry within our souls resonance. This bold move is vulnerability, which is aligned with the Divine Feminine strength.

The Empress, High Priestess, Kali Ma shit! I’ve had so many opportunities for stepping into myself and each one appeared to be a challenge. Each one was a rebirthing process. I found my vulnerability, my strength and a deep love for whoever I was becoming, and I wanted to know who I was. So, I dug in. I met myself on many levels and called my power back. It’s a journey we are all on!


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