Meet the Muses: Allisha

Photo by Tim Johnson

“The wings of transformation are born of patience and struggle.” – Janet S. Dickens

From a very young age I realized I had a unique ability to feel people’s energy. I could feel when people had good and bad intentions. I knew when they were hiding something, whether it be sorrow, fear, confusion, etc.

I found over the years that I was helping people acknowledge their true feelings and was helping them find who they truly are, reaching their true potential. Even from extreme distances I can feel when someone is in need or struggling.

As a child, I was taught to not rely on anyone. I developed hate in my heart. It made me hard and numb over the years. Through this pain and struggle I was CHALLENGED to break through that anger, let go of the past ENTIRELY and forgive not just others but myself. I had to fight everyday to get back to my true soul, my true self.

Like a butterfly in a chrysalis I had to fight my way out and transform into the person I am today.

I believe I have come here to help awaken and uplift people. To encourage all souls to live their lives freely without fear and with love. I feel that my open heart, resilience and understanding in all circumstances inspires others.


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