☆Creator Cards☆ #MMOrevealed

Card designs by Chelsey @thegoldenglow

The #ModernMusesOracle project slays the illusions of “beauty standards” and celebrates our differences and gifts as Sisters of the Earth. 

Each of us is a unique expression of the divine. A modern day Muse in motion. The living expression of all the women before us. 

Here, as #ModernMusesCommunity, we lay down the daggers of the past, and pick up our watering pails to grow together. 

Here we bare our Souls and bodies. 

Here we see the beauty in our differences.  

Here we live and let live, understanding that everyone has a place in the whole, and variety is the spice of life!

Here we build bridges.

Look into the mirrors of your Sisters, and dive deep into the divine within. What do you see?

With art nude cards + guidebook + song collection, this trailblazing deck will satisfy all your senses and reveal the mirrors we are for each other. A potent and unparalleled medium for personal and collective growth.

THIS IS #MMOrevealed! Where we share sneak peeks of the deck collection we will release this year, co-created by Jess @amuseinharmony, Hannah @sacred.haven.rising and Chelsey @thegoldenglow, with the submissions of real Muses, across the globe, from our Instagram community. 

2 thoughts on “☆Creator Cards☆ #MMOrevealed

  1. In love with these reveals – soaking in the vibes of these images & recognizing the beauty in the differences! Su h a powerful message during this time ❤️


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