Meet the Muses : Misty

Misty @missmisty
Photo by Shayne Rocha

“If you’re chasing it, it isn’t meant for you. If it finds you, you will know it to be true.” -Self Quote

I feel I am here to invoke and activate the spark of truth and passion in each individual I encounter. To see them, feel them, listen to them . To reflect back that that highest version of themselves can and is seen.

Perspective is everything…as a mother and in all ways, always. Choosing to surrender, embrace and celebrate the ebb and flow of life. I hold neutral space, easing others to feel good, loved, seen and heard. I have a playful nature and a passion for passion! I humbly admit when and where I could shift, evolve and grow. Ever changing, ever expanding.

Learning how to embrace every unknown with humility and gratitude – a deep knowing that all is divine. Surrendering to the deeeeeeep knowing that all that happens truly is for the greatest good and these awakenings come often in hindsight.


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