Meet the Muses: Andromeda

Andromeda @andromedaofearth
Photo by Lacey Maydon

“An Earthen-fractal and energy-mover, Eye, Andromeda, am honored to touch the hearts and lives of other Earthlings, to allow them space to evolve and grow into greater beings. Eye thank you, Eye love you, Eye am sorry, please forgive us…We trust you.” ~ Andromeda

Eye am another you, an Earthen-Fractal. Each of us, an entire Universe in and of ourselves, moving together upon the starship Gaia. We are the Gods that we dream of. There is a time for ‘sleep’ and a time to be ‘conscious’, neither is wrong nor correct; All is sacred.

We are infinite beings filled with infinite potentiality. Time, in fact, does not run out, nor is it in small supply. Time is freely provided to us with each breath we take. Be aware of your breath, your life-force, and step into your chosen freedom, your choice of divinity. We honor the Light and the Dark, from Creation to Destruction.

Decide, then step into and through your own personal-power-portal. Only you will walk upon your path, and hence the journey and direction is entirely within your response-ability. No one can create it for us. The darker looking path does not mean we are lost or broken; it is only another state of being. The support of others is a bonus, not a given or a right.


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