Meet the Muses: Katie

Katie _ms.sunflewurz_
Photo by Kyle Kirby

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” -Mahatma Gandhi

I have come to this world to lift up the solemn heads lost in hopelessness. To breach the confines of enslaving thoughts and behaviors and challenge the self in all called aspects. To help reconnect and integrate the pieces of us that years to come back HOME. To Empower the Feminine Divine in All. To be a guiding hand as we bring back intuitive life to this planet and help raise the vibrations of the collective. To Challenge the Paradigms of our histories. To help create warriors who will enact the code of righteousness rather than following false and limiting perceptions, beliefs and behaviors. I have come to help New Earth rise.

I am a warrior of Light.

I was once shackled in fear, but I couldn’t resist the truth of my Soul. What a beautiful Light she would shine. A light others needed to see and a story that needed to be heard. Why doesn’t she move? What stills her feet? Fear. Shame. Guilt. Grief. Anger. I got to know them all intimately. Understand them, honor them and Love them. They led me back HOME and made me whole again. She found her Power and her Light inside the abyss of her unknown. She came forth knowing none could command it from her and it was eternally hers. She is the Abyss. She is the Power. None can command that from her as she walks in her Truth for she is the only one who knows the secrets of her Soul.

Never give up. There is always a way. Find your truth. Find your way. It will always be there for you discover. Be gentle. Honor your emotions and every part of you as you journey into your abyss. Your greatest self awaits you in the unknown. The darkness holds your greatest strengths. Do not deny it, for it would be as if you were denying your own breath. Your truth is embedded in your fears. Take its hand, and it will lead you to your Power. Your Truest Self.

You are Infinite Power and Brilliance. You create miracles with each breath you breathe.


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