Meet the Muses: Savannah

Savannah @greenwitch_ofthenorth

“I am more than what I survived. For I hold the spirit that has keep me alive.” -Stacie Martin

I see the light in others when they can’t see it them selves. I’m a very gentle human with more love in my heart to give than I can even express. I’m here to share my abundant love and guidance to all the creatures of Mother Earth. I have compassion for everyone.

Even the people that have hurt me I can still love fully with no judgement. I’m asked constantly how I can still hold a place of love in my heart for someone who has done me wrong. Forgiveness and understanding are my superpower.

When I was younger I was very epileptic. Every time I had one I had out of body experiences. I realized quickly that we are all beautiful delicate energies that are so lucky to have this human experience. My seizures have taught me to love myself and respect all life. I haven’t had a seizure since I finally recognized my life’s purpose…. to love with all my heart and soul.


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