Meet the Muses: Nikki

Nikki @consciously.rooted
Photo by Megan Flanagan

“I am a forever student, seeking truths.” -Nikki

I always knew I saw things differently. I wasn’t seeing things the way everyone else saw them. And here I am now, a forever student and a teacher in the making. Still seeing things differently, but NOW I know why. I’m seeing with ALL of my eyes and still speaking with my heart. The truth is the light, and as it is spoken others will soon see. 

My gift to the world is the truth, speaking out about hard life situations. We often feel alone when walking a hard path if by choice or not. When we speak out about our struggles, we are brought closer together, and in those moments, we ALL realize we are not so alone. We have all dealt with some shit and are healing or want to heal from it.

My spirit is raw and you see the emotions within my eyes.

I’m here on earth to prove there is light at the end of the tunnel.

This is truth, and it is light. 


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