In the Studio with Chelsey #MMOrevealed

Video + Music + Art by Chelsey @thegoldenglow

Being part of the creative team of the Modern Muse Oracle Deck has been an honor, and I’ve enjoyed bringing each woman into her muse magic with the elements and animals she resonates with. I love to get lost in the flow of creation, allowing each persons’ essence to shine through their card. It feels like surrendering to the muse each time I get in the zone.

Imagining these cards in the hands of others in the future, knowing certain cards will vibe with different sisters as different times, is such an exciting part of the unfolding of this deck!

I am grateful to be part of such a meaningful project!

~ Chelsey @thegoldenglow

2 thoughts on “In the Studio with Chelsey #MMOrevealed

  1. Wow! This is just mind-blowing! I loved getting to see behind the veil, watching your process, Chelsey, and seeing you bring all the little concepts and energies mentioned to life. I am enamoured by your creative vision – every time you added a new element, played with it, then changed it, I was like “that is awesome, how could this be any more beautiful?!”… and then you would fiddle with it and make it even more beautiful!


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