Meet the Muses: Alisha

Alisha @alisha.e.rose
Photo by Owen Evelegh

“Question everything. Never settle. Love & focus on positive energy. See the beauty in everything. Always align with a higher state of conscious awareness. ~ Alisha

I am here to share my unconditional love and joy with the world. I’m a dreamer in all ways and use my dream work abilities to guide others how they too can heal themselves through dreams, self love and self care. Here to help find inner healing from trauma, sexual, abuse, death and chronic and mental illness.

Divinely guided by my intuition. I channel energy for others, channeling their guides so that they can receive the messages they are ready to receive to do transmutative shadow and energy work. When we understand our dreams, we have the knowing to predict future behavior and events and choose before they happen, how we might want to shape them or respond to those events in alignment with our highest self. Every woman deserves to be this empowered, wild and free.

Like a phoenix, I keep rising from the ashes. Deeply rooted in my ancestral magic, from South Africa, I have intuitively practiced magic since childhood and later got in touch with my ancestral roots and other types of magic and occult. I work from the knowing that everything is energy and interconnected. When I find myself out of alignment, I take steps to go back to that alignment, through dance, meditation, laughter, dreams, art, song, and listening to my ancestors and guides.

I transmute my pain of betrayal by friends, family and lovers, the loss of loved ones, addiction, self harm, broken sexual boundaries, abuse, physical and mental disease by leading with intuition and love. I embrace the shadows because that is where I learn and transmute. Healing through dream and shadow work by integrating the shadow, finding the light in every aspect of myself and any external environments.

~ Alisha

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