Meet the Muses : Holly

Holly @holistic.holly

“Aspiring to inspire” ~ Self Quote

I am a healer, a mystic, a spiritual medium, light bringer… a woman living within this world, but not entirely a part of it. I am an old soul, I have been here many times before. The long journey of healing and transformation I have been on has been so profound, and I help bring that to others.

I am here to share the truth of who we really are, how we are all connected, to empower others to awaken and embrace their spiritual nature, to heal themselves and take leaps forward in the evolution of their souls! I feel that it is my vulnerability, my honesty and my humor that helps inspire others.

The beliefs I once held about myself caused me to go through so much pain and heartache. I was desperate for the approval of others and would do anything to be liked or to people please. I hid my true self from the world in the hope that I would be accepted. I was my own worst enemy. My inner dialogue was one of abuse and shame, and I had no value of self worth. I abused my body and mind in many ways, and allowed others to do the same… I felt unworthy of love, unworthy of happiness, and was completely self-sabotaging. I lived in a cycle of pain, anger and loneliness… and then I found my way…

It has taken me a long time to get here, but I am 100% authentic in who I am and what I show to the world. I am proud of who I am, and all I have been through. I believe I lead by example, to show people how much magic, how much happiness, how much joy can come from embracing who you truly are, by living your life how it ought to be lived… by loving yourself fiercely, treading lightly on the earth, & connecting to the divine within us all.

~ Holly

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