Meet the Muses : Lennan

Lennan @lennan_smith

“…I love not man less, but nature more…” ~ Lord Byron

The word ‘muse’ makes me think of Zeus’ nine muses. I can not help but believe they are ALL of us… women everywhere. We all can pull inspiration from everyone and everywhere. We each have a gift, or several, to share. Working your own divinity is an aspiration. The tokens I use in my practice would be the items you would probably use to summon my spirit once I leave this world. Every girl is a princess, every woman a muse.

I am an advocate for women understanding their bodies, their minds and fulfilling their destinies. BE in the know. That’s how you conquer, you achieve, you dream, you be the best you can, KNOWLEDGE. Knowledge from your past mistakes, past people, present people, present circumstances, and planning a future, even if that plan is to wing it and go with the flow.

The most challenging thing that I could offer and that propelled me into the person I am today would be growing up with a very strictly, religious family. I was always drawn to the unknown, the occult, even the macabre. This was never allowed. In my family, it was a constant reminder that if I delved deep into understanding other cultures and religions, following my own path, I would not find salvation. It’s never a nice thought or feeling when you live within such dogma. I became a perpetual hermit. It wasn’t until I lived on my own that I could finally breathe.

~ Lennan

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