Meet the Muses : Amber


“One moment at a time, I unravel my magic.”
~ Amber

My purpose in this life is to connect and create. I am infinitely moving my feet to the rhythm of Earth’s beat! My musings are movement & words. They both hold so much of our power.

I am a connector of paths, weaving destiny. I love to gather groups of beings and take joy in watching their magic unfold. I am not afraid to be myself and others have always thanked me for that. I take great pride in just being me. I am transparent and always authentic which can get me in trouble! My light and shadows dance in the open and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’ve spent much time alone… abandoned by those I love, often feeling unloved & unworthy. When I was able to accept my own love, my light grew bigger. As they say, we are never alone when we befriend ourselves.

This life has taught me to trust in myself and my spirit guides above all. Not everyone has our best interest at heart and that’s ok. Those we love may not always be there when we fall; rise anyway. The bigger our light shines, the more our shadows grow. Be humble and be of service when in doubt. Take life one moment at a time.


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