Meet the Muses : Ruthie

Ruthie @ruthielerato | Photo by Tiffany Janiro

I like to play with sounds and matter. ~Ruthie

Expressing from deep within, a radiant energy of love pours out through my means of expression: song, communication of speech, sound, body movement, with authenticity, passion, and enthusiasm. I think that may inspire others to be FREE feel FREE and live FREE. You’re allowed. We’re allowed. We are. 

I hold an intuitive path blueprint for the rest of my life. I know I am always safe and where I need to be, amongst all of life’s uncertainties. I carry the messages of gentleness (with ourselves + other) , patience (with ourselves + other), and hope for the future of our collective dreams— all rooted in the aim for peace and finally reconnecting, reuniting as one with unconditional love and freedom as the driving force and ultimate goal. 

Once we learn that we don’t have to learn the hard way all the time —- we take back our mindful control and conscious observation of our mind, body, and habits. Creating a masterpiece of a life. We hold the codes for the vision of the future we can and will inhabit. The ones of our dreams. 

Beauty couldn’t exist without pain. It’s our honor to behold it in its magical majesty, moving through it, appreciating its higher wisdom, learning and adopting new pathways for spiritual evolution. 

I found myself in a moment where I decided for once, this time, absolutely no one was going to decide for me — nor would thoughts of the past from myself or others —- and everything changed. A true hero’s journey of my own became my life the day I let go and set out to do EXACTLY what was on my heart — appreciating beauty, and what I have exactly in front of me in any given now. Each moment is bursting with infinite possibilities for you to explore and navigate.

As you explore with innocence and reverence for life itself, you radiate love from the inside out. Then, life comes TO you, offering it’s bountiful gifts. You decide whether to see them and make good use of them, or to turn away and reject the offerings of the circumstances of the earth. The more you reject the current happenings in any moment, the more of that energy comes to you. 

I don’t “know”. I simply observe. 

~ Ruthie

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