Meet the Muses : Amanda

Amanda @maggiemupoo
Photo by Zoe Eccles

You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean, in a drop. – Rumi

I feel that I am a light in the darkness, a rainbow on a cloudy day. I am here to light the path away from doubt and heartache and towards belief in one’s self and hopefulness. I like to make people feel better, lighter or at ease in their serious world — bring them out of their shell, to have the confidence to let your fears go to help someone else. I am and have always been a hyper outgoing person but my Spirit is calming. I want to project that there is always hope in moving forward.

I have been shaken by loss. Suicide of a family member can truly break a person physically and emotionally. I came to a point where it was either going to define the person that I was, and let it break me, or let it propel me into a person with a whole new understanding of life and love. It was a stumbling block I decided to get up from and stand on top of rather than allow it to keep me on the ground.

~ Amanda

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