Meet the Muses : Haven

Haven @sacred.haven.rising

“Our greatest glory in life is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” ~ Confucius

I am a creature of Light, channeling Love and Connection, Peace and Awareness. Feeling, Healing, Growing, Loving. Transcending paradigms that have long died within and throughout. Overcoming shame, guilt and fear.

I have felt the dark night of the soul. I have seen my shadow and felt its power. I have succumbed to my inner most demons and come through the portal of ashes, rising like the phoenix. Divine polarity becomes me. I am an alchemist of love and knowing. I embody my purpose, my being, my curiosities. I have come to a complete understanding that those pulls are within me for a Divine purpose – to be pursued! I follow the guidance of the Universe. She leads me in the journey of my highest good!

I feel that I am here to be a Rebel for Love, here to show others that is it GOOD to allow your unique shimmer to shine! I also feel that it is my purpose to remind others of the wonders of our existence. This is the message I have channeled the most, as of late, to be still and present in the Now, allowing yourself to take in the pure magnificence that is our Earth and our LIVES! What a blessing this space can be!

~ Haven

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