Meet the Muses : Evelyn

Evelyn @the.mirror.grid
Photo by Ashley Ohlson Stramp

“Self reflection is the mirror to your best life”
~ Evelyn

My unique gifts are my creativity, ambition and power to manifest my own reality. I would hope to inspire others to build their nest, weave their web, create whatever universe they wish to live in. Shake out that which does not serve them and not fear the death process that comes before rebirth. I inspire to make art and deconstruct to reconstruct any aspects in life to make it deeply beautiful to you.

My challenge is letting other people’s perceptions impact what I know to be true and in my highest and best good. Maintaining the knowledge that I am sovereign and whole and posses the power to forge whatever path I know to be right has propelled me through these hardships. Channeling inner divine energies from the earth to know I am confident in my course.

~ Evelyn

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