Meet the Muses : Annie

Annie @annieforthefuture

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking up at the stars.” ~Oscar Wilde

      My unique gifts are gentle nurturance, strong grace and thankfulness. I carry codes of self-acceptance and love and see all others as whole and as a global family. I listen with my entire emotional body and presence when I truly listen to others.

My heart’s motto is “All there is, is love.”  Where I embody this, I have experienced profound sadness and suffering. Yet through those experiences, I always recalibrate to a deep place of love. It may take a minute as a sort through the rubble, but my soul knows love, wonder, and excitement above all things and experiences. To taste the sweet nectar and essence of all of existence is a medicine I carry deeply.
      Self-doubt and self-criticism have been my biggest lessons and teachers. I have been highly intuitive and psychic my whole life. My concern as an early teen was how I was different and felt I was crazy for most of my school experience. I would feel things and hear things in my head during class and felt viscerally the emotions of others in my body.

Through this, shielding and physic awareness have been my path forged from a place where I felt I had lost my sense of control over my mental and emotional domain. Trusting my instinct and fiercely allowing myself to be guided by my intuition are what have forged from these lessons.

     My other place of challenge and growth was reclaiming my sexual innocence and sexual sovereignty. My introduction to sexuality was not desirable. Most of, if not the entirety of my path has been to healing. To reclaiming my body, my innocence, my voice, and setting healthy boundaries.

The gold received from all of these experiences has been: deepening in the awareness seeing myself as whole and perfect, reclaiming my sexual sovereignty, erotic innocence, and sensual nature. Through my growth I have reached a place where I feel empowered in my sexual nature and have awareness that sexual energy is one of the I most beautiful, powerful forces on the planet.

I sing openly and freely and have grown into understanding how connected the womb and the heart are. I devote myself to expressions and working with the womb and throat. I know this is a part of my work here on the planet.

~ Annie

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