Meet the Muses : Jess

Our Founder, Jess |
Photo by Zoe Eccles

“Watch for all that beauty reflecting from you and sing a love song to your existence.” ~Rumi

I am the flint and tinder to help ignite your sacred fire. I am the cleansing storm that gives way to creation anew. The mirror to reflect the real you. The eagle with powerful vision, unafraid of flying alone, unwavering, in the direction of her dreams.

I am the Goddess of day and night, bringing shadows to light for healing. In all things, imbuing meaning. The muse and the music, channeling my divine to the aether for omniversal understanding.

I am freedom embodied — a gift I give myself. I’ll show you there’s no guru. All the wisdom is within you.

As a sacred messenger, not all messages we are called to share are easily received, which can bring challenges or loss of relationships. Expansive vision can bring solitude. Times when you feel alone, on the fringe of ideas no one else seems to carry.

Being a carrier of big dreams requires even greater faith, movement through fear, focus and bravery. It’s the duality of this planetary learning platform of existence. The yin and yang. The challenge is also the gift. And every single one brings me to a greater space of self-love and comfort in knowing —

I am one with all that is. I AM that I AM. And my Soul is but an estuary of the infinite sea.

~ Jess

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