Meet the Muses : Jordan

Jordan @jordantaylerthecreator | Photo by Jake James

She is a wildflower, delicate and strong. She can withstand the storm but as soon as picked her vibrancy will quickly wilt. Let her grow untamed, reaching for the sun and you may witness some of her beautiful freedom.

~ Jordan

I am a loving nurturer by heart. I am a kind hearted human with an open mind and an adventurous soul. I love to bring art into the world. I have a little knowledge in many things artistic but don’t believe myself to be a master of one thing in specific. My interests are constantly changing and flowing and so is the way I share my art and creativity. 

I feel that I have been brought here to show people that you can live life outside the norm and be happy. It is much more fulfilling and beautiful to be kind to people and avoid negativity and hate. I strive to be positive and loving while exploring the world in a simple manner.

I don’t believe you need a lot of money to be able to travel and discover the world and truly make your mark. Love, freedom, good food, a beautiful sunset and some warm water to swim in are a few things that feed my soul.

I believe that I inspire others to live freely without self judgment and without letting the judgment and opinions of others sway you from your path. My biggest goal in life is to fine true self love and acceptance and I think others see that. 

I have struggled with my self confidence my whole life and don’t think I had ever loved myself until now. I went through many very difficult, abusive relationships with men that left me feeling worthless and without a purpose. I have also never had a successful female friendship that did not end in complete betrayal, heartbreak or even death. These things used to make me feel hopeless and unworthy of love.

In the last 5 months I have truly begun my self love journey. I have realized how amazing I am and of all of the gifts and talents I have to offer world. I no longer pity myself for what others have put me through and instead I pity them for missing out on the amazing human they lost in their life. I no longer believe that I need the love of a man to make me love myself, I am enough and I have everything I need. I am so thankful for my hardships, and that I made it out stronger on the other end. 

~ Jordan

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