Meet the Muses : Anjelika

Anjelika @abilitytogive | Photo by Molly Gibson & Patrick Bangle

Vibrating with the frequency of love and grooving to the divine rhythms of Earth’s creation ~ Angelika

My soul’s message is to be free and full in the expression of self. To honor the deepest depths of our journey with love and acceptance for they show us our unique ability to create change within the paradigms of society. By honoring the self through daily self-love practices & channeling into Spirit, the one source consciousness and Mother Earth we are able to magnetize the energetic reception of light that pours through our field.

Our traumas are a template that shows us our soul mission. By honoring this, we are able to walk in our authentic truth and see others beyond the veil of illusion. Our catalysts for growth may be seen as challenges but from a higher perspective they are opportunities to dive deeper into the realms of Spirit and learn to trust that we are guided, protected and loved unconditionally.

I’m an old soul in a young body. The wisdom that flows through my vessel is from the ancient grandmothers and grandfathers that have walked this land from the beginning of “time”. By recognizing this, I am able to see within the parts of others and share with them messages that come from Spirit. No judgement, no shaming, no trying to heal for them. I inspire others to be themselves & honor their soul mission by simply BEING.

My Spirit is entangled within Mother Earth, showing others that we are a perfect reflection of the cocreation between the divine feminine and divine masculine. The sun and the moon. The creator and the Earth. All intermeshed in perfect harmony by allowing ourselves to be FREE to express, feel, move, dance and be wildly indescribable as a force to be reckoned with.

I made a choice, to walk in my divine essence, to honor the Creator and Mother Earth as my family, to show others the way when they cannot see clearly, and to hold all beings in the highest light of love. For this was my purpose. To be myself so unapologetically that when I come into contact with another being they are electrocuted by the same force of love. For we are here to be our unique individual soul expression and to share our gifts with the world.

We are vessels for creation to flow through, honoring the messages and wisdom that come through as small fractals of the true power we hold in the light of Spirit. I am me, you are you, and together we can hold hands to uplift the frequency of Mother Earth under one Sky. AHO!


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