Meet the Muses: Jessica

Jessica @jess_the_empress "Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes." - Carl Jung My gifts to the world are holding space without judgment and relaying information from the higher realms so that each of us can better navigate the human experience. I came here to share joy, empowerment and the Divine Feminine wisdom of allowing … Continue reading Meet the Muses: Jessica

Meet the Muses: Juliana

Juliana @j.birdofparadise "Elevate with every change." -Self Quote I am a strong, loving woman. I know my worth, and I ask for what I want. I can transform, grow and adapt as my life presents itself and give myself and others the gift of understanding and holding space for growth. (Motherhood gave me that.) I … Continue reading Meet the Muses: Juliana

Meet the Muses: Erika

Erika @urrrrrrrrka "I wonder if the flowers knew they'd be so pretty when they died." - Self Quote Impermanence and rebirth – I bring honest truth to the world by sharing my experiences and growth after and through trauma, guiding others to settle into their own transformations. I have adaptability, since my world has fallen … Continue reading Meet the Muses: Erika

Meet The Muses : Shayne

Shayne @sacredartistry "I am You. You are Me. We are One."~Self Quote Life works in the most wondrous ways. I am continuously astounded as strong manifestations of good come my way. My divine truth through this particular life speaks through my intuition and hearts manifestations... To share. Speak. Listen. Connect. Dive in, with all beings … Continue reading Meet The Muses : Shayne

Meet The Muses : Casey

Casey @green_fire_muse "To love and be loved is to feel the Sun from both sides."~David Viscott My purpose here and my business are based around inspiring others to become light workers and to positively create themselves and their story in a way that it raises the vibrational existence of the planet to Heaven on Earth. … Continue reading Meet The Muses : Casey

Meet The Muses : Gerin

Gerin @gerinklein "It is not your job to like me - it is MINE!"~Self Quote I am a motivator with high energy - very positive in all aspects in life. I uplift others and help them with their mental and physical struggles.I find that people are drawn to me from the positive energy that surrounds … Continue reading Meet The Muses : Gerin

Meet The Muses : Caroline

Caroline @fakila0 "She conquered her demons and wore her scars like wings." ~Atticus Often compared to a bird, I adapt very quickly to any situation, and I'm a child in my capacity of awe and curiosity. I'm kind and care a lot about people and all beings in general, with a deep love of caring … Continue reading Meet The Muses : Caroline

Meet The Muses : Amethyst

Amethyst @thehealedmother "Her words were filled with jewels, and as she spoke, I became whole again, all the pieces made sense within me, and I was able to breathe and rest in the melody."~Self Quote I am a writer. I came to earth to share authentic healing, authentic connection to who we are, in essence, … Continue reading Meet The Muses : Amethyst

Meet The Muses : Bekah

Bekah @zen.soul.mama "Conformity scatters your force." ~Self Quote I knew at a young age that I chose this life and I signed up for this.I felt there was a bigger picture to everything.I was called to be a warrior goddess.In order to claim that name I had to go to war many times and the … Continue reading Meet The Muses : Bekah