In the Studio with Haven

Much of my work has been done in the dark.. In the quiet.. Away from “reality”, where I can work and play uninterrupted, listening, hearing, feeling and seeing all that comes.BEING with energy.As a mother, caregiver and homeschooler of two, this space has not come lightly!I must give credit and gratitude for my partner, who … Continue reading In the Studio with Haven

MMO Creator Update

Greetings friends and followers of the Modern Muses Oracle project! We’re excited to be BACK! And due for an update on where we’ve been! This project launched with a fury, and we felt the magnitude of it’s impact immediately. Individually we took our incubation time, diving into our hearts and realities off of social medias, … Continue reading MMO Creator Update

Meet the Creators : Hannah

"Our greatest glory in life is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." - Confucius Hannah Eckert “Pure, raw, Divine empowerment - embodied by such incredible wombyn in their purest forms.” Greetings, sweet souls! I am so grateful to stand here with these other incredible muses, channeling words of healing through … Continue reading Meet the Creators : Hannah