Meet The Muses : Amethyst

Amethyst @thehealedmother "Her words were filled with jewels, and as she spoke, I became whole again, all the pieces made sense within me, and I was able to breathe and rest in the melody."~Self Quote I am a writer. I came to earth to share authentic healing, authentic connection to who we are, in essence, … Continue reading Meet The Muses : Amethyst

Meet the Muses : Amairani

Amairani @the_tangled_flower "I Am an Amalgamation of all this life's experiences and amidst it all, Strive to live in the beautiful Balance between Chaos and Order."-Self Quote I have deep insight and use my sense of duality to help others find a centered sense of self when amidst a trying time. I am passionate about … Continue reading Meet the Muses : Amairani

Meet the Muses : Jozy

Jozy @earthsoulmagic "Love the life you live. Live the life you love." -Bob Marley I am here to share my healing gifts with the world - to show you that YOU are your own ultimate healer. That you are worthy. That you are capable of transforming your world and waking your most wildest dreams into … Continue reading Meet the Muses : Jozy

Meet the Muses : Smay

Smay @smay.nova "It is what it is, until it isn't." ~ Anonymous I believe I am here to share the message that you must do the work with yourself, for yourself, FIRST. It all starts with self. I believe in always striving to be the best version of myself that I can be. Consistently checking … Continue reading Meet the Muses : Smay

New Look + A Call for Blog Submissions

Modern Muses has a new look, celebrating the phases of wo-moon-hood!  As we prepare for our "Meet the Muses" series, over at the Modern Muses Community website (with previews on IG), we would love to weave in content by YOU!  We are calling for our Muses + Guest writers and vloggers to join us at … Continue reading New Look + A Call for Blog Submissions

In the Studio with Jess For the last two and a half weeks, our two oldest boys have been visiting my Mom. (cue applause and deep restorative breaths) With all the solo time (Well, babies don't count...Mamas of multiples, you know what I mean.), I've been in marital bliss mode 'shacking up' with my hubs. And with all this … Continue reading In the Studio with Jess

MMO Creator Update

Greetings friends and followers of the Modern Muses Oracle project! We’re excited to be BACK! And due for an update on where we’ve been! This project launched with a fury, and we felt the magnitude of it’s impact immediately. Individually we took our incubation time, diving into our hearts and realities off of social medias, … Continue reading MMO Creator Update