☆Creator Cards☆ #MMOrevealed

Card designs by Chelsey @thegoldenglow The #ModernMusesOracle project slays the illusions of "beauty standards" and celebrates our differences and gifts as Sisters of the Earth.  Each of us is a unique expression of the divine. A modern day Muse in motion. The living expression of all the women before us.  Here, as #ModernMusesCommunity, we lay … Continue reading ☆Creator Cards☆ #MMOrevealed

Meet the Muses: Erika

Erika @urrrrrrrrka "I wonder if the flowers knew they'd be so pretty when they died." - Self Quote Impermanence and rebirth – I bring honest truth to the world by sharing my experiences and growth after and through trauma, guiding others to settle into their own transformations. I have adaptability, since my world has fallen … Continue reading Meet the Muses: Erika

Musing on Sisterhood with Tara

Tara @greentararising Hello Muses! So grateful to have been invited to share my words with this glowing community. When deck submissions were open I had a lot of self doubt surrounding, so I never even attempted to get a photo for it. Then seeing all of you step into your power opened my heart in … Continue reading Musing on Sisterhood with Tara

Meet the Muses : Megan

Megan @violet_starshine_art "Anytime I have a bad day, I remember that I can paint tomorrow with my vibration!" ~Self Quote I am on this earth to spread the message of LOVE. I have always loved others first before judging them. With empathetic sensitivity, I FEEL their worries. I feel the reservations left in their hearts … Continue reading Meet the Muses : Megan

Meet The Muses : Tiffany

Tiffany @starseed_witch(Photo : Allen Buma) "Love Yourself like there's no one else to do it for you." ~Self Quote I Am a beautifully strong warrior goddess of the stars. I Am here to teach as I gain knowledge of self. Learning acceptance of the raw uncontrollable truth. Sharing that some things we just can’t change, … Continue reading Meet The Muses : Tiffany

New Look + A Call for Blog Submissions

Modern Muses has a new look, celebrating the phases of wo-moon-hood!  As we prepare for our "Meet the Muses" series, over at the Modern Muses Community website (with previews on IG), we would love to weave in content by YOU!  We are calling for our Muses + Guest writers and vloggers to join us at … Continue reading New Look + A Call for Blog Submissions