Meet the Muses: Juliana

Juliana @j.birdofparadise "Elevate with every change." -Self Quote I am a strong, loving woman. I know my worth, and I ask for what I want. I can transform, grow and adapt as my life presents itself and give myself and others the gift of understanding and holding space for growth. (Motherhood gave me that.) I … Continue reading Meet the Muses: Juliana

Meet The Muses : Shayne

Shayne @sacredartistry "I am You. You are Me. We are One."~Self Quote Life works in the most wondrous ways. I am continuously astounded as strong manifestations of good come my way. My divine truth through this particular life speaks through my intuition and hearts manifestations... To share. Speak. Listen. Connect. Dive in, with all beings … Continue reading Meet The Muses : Shayne

Meet The Muses : Casey

Casey @green_fire_muse "To love and be loved is to feel the Sun from both sides."~David Viscott My purpose here and my business are based around inspiring others to become light workers and to positively create themselves and their story in a way that it raises the vibrational existence of the planet to Heaven on Earth. … Continue reading Meet The Muses : Casey

Grant Me a Muse : Katie Bee

Katie @theascendingbloom Grant me a muse, she said. One who makes me feel whole again. One who understands just who I am. Oh Grant me a muse who can sing my song. Sing the language of my soul. So whenever one would hear, they would simply just know. They would hear what I see. Be … Continue reading Grant Me a Muse : Katie Bee

Meet the Muses : Chelsey

Chelsey @thegoldenglow "The wound is the place where the light enters you." ~Rumi I love to be there for those in need. I love to help people get excited about discovering, exploring and expressing aspects of themselves that have been long-time hidden or denied. I came here to share the messages of AUTHENTICITY and VULNERABILITY. … Continue reading Meet the Muses : Chelsey